Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preschool Links

When life gets busy for us mothers, it is easy to overlook the important things. Have you hugged your children today? Have you told them how much you love and value them in your life? Have you thanked your husband for all he does for you? Have you told him you'd marry him all over again? You can't afford to neglect the relationships of those you value the most. What good is our efforts at managing our homes if we lose the hearts of the people we care for along the way?

Here are some preschool links I just updated for family friend Amanda M.:

Activity Pad "offers printable preschool activities, word search puzzles, mazes, kid games and more to help children learn and have fun!"

Everything Preschool "Our site contains over 30,000 early childhood education ideas separated into over 100 themes, 26 Alphabet Idea Sections, & Lesson Plans."

Perpetual Preschool "has over 12,000 free ideas for parents and educators of young children."

Laugh Out Loud Poems "Do your kids think poetry is stuffy and boring? Then have I got a surprise for them! I've personally selected these five poetry collections for their laugh-ability. These funny poems are best when shared aloud, so go grab your loved ones – and read them a funny poem. After all, April is National Poetry Month."

Brightly Beaming Resources "This curriculum has grown out of the experiences I have had in teaching my own preschool age children at home. I would like to share what I have learned to help you, as you also strive to have enjoyable learning experiences with your preschool child. I hope the ideas I share will help many children gain skills on the path to lifelong reading and learning."

Up to Ten  "With over 700 educational games and activities for children aged up to ten years old! A safe place to play and learn where your child will feel right at home, right away." Features animated stories, songs, more. Our preschoolers laughed themselves silly at some of this stuff.

Stephen Carr's Page of Preschooler Resources features links to more resources for preschool educators.

Fun Lesson Plans "Preschool teachers and parents can use these printables to teach children how to recognize, print, and recite the letters of the alphabet, a first reading lesson. Download the printable pages, have children trace the dotted school font alphabet letters, and follow the craft instructions to assemble the airline alphabet banner."

This is also a good time to start observing your child to see how they learn. Understanding the different learning styles is key to teaching children. There are many websites available to help you understand the characteristics of each styles. Take the time to learn how your children learn is a good investment of your time and will save you frustration in the years ahead.

I also can not recommend enough the Leap Frog educational videos. Joshua learned how to read spontaneously from these videos. They are worth every penny!

My children, come. Listen to me.I will teach you to have respect for the Lord. Psalms. 34:11