Sunday, September 10, 2006

Joshua at race (pict)

 Here's Joshua at the race with his mouthful of hot dog. He had a grand time. He made friends with the people sitting behind him who said they enjoyed talking to him. They asked him all sorts of questions and pointed out things they saw to him.

Clint and he were fed lunch and supper from the Motion Industries tent. They made out like bandits too. There were 14 (!!) cautions so the race ran late and they did not get home until close to 1 a.m. Staying out late with Dad was just an extra part of the treat!

When the race started, they had a caution right on the first lap. Cars were going around the track slowly which concerned Joshua who said "This isn't at all like I expected it to be." Later, when the cars got to racing speed, he was much happier.

On the video Clint took, he told Joshua to "Say hi to Mom." Joshua readily says "OK!". Then he looks confused, looks around and then asks "Where is she?"

Many thanks to Steve for giving us the free tickets again this year.