Friday, November 10, 2006

Herbal Burn Treatment

Joshua got scalded last week when he tried to add water to the pot on the woodstove. He missed the pot and poured the water on the stovetop, which caused the steam. He got a good second degree burn on the back of his hand. I have been using my own recipe that I call "Burn Sludge." The rate of healing is amazing. There are plenty of "Wow's" each time we remove the bandages to reapply the medicine.

My Burn Sludge contains:

4 pencil thick, cleaned and peeled, fresh minced comfrey root (causes fast healing through cell regeneration, pain reliever, soothes and softens skin, cools)
1/8 cup each of:
comfrey leaf powder
honey (sterilizes wound, antibiotic, prevents scarring, helps with growth of new tissue, contains a natural hydrogen peroxide)
several capsules of vitamin E (promotes healing, reduces scarring, anti-inflammatory)

with pure aloe juice (antimicrobial (inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungus) antiseptic (destroys bacteria), speeds healing, pain reliever, moisturizes) added and mixed in until it is thick, but spreadable, much like the consistency of pudding. If I had noticed any signs of infection, I would have added goldenseal powder.

This makes enough to treat the wound several times. Keep the leftovers covered in the fridge for up to 5 days.

The first application, I squeezed 4 Vitamin E capsules on to the burned area first, then applied the sludge. After that, I just kept the sludge on it 3 times a day and kept it bandaged. I kept the sludge on it so the skin could continually absorb the medicine in the herbs through the liquid. You can removed the dried herb, but if skin is very tender, just apply on top of the dried plant matter and rebandage. When you do remove the dried herb, remove slowly to keep from tearing blisters open.

I am not a doctor and strongly encourage you to seek medical attention before trying this or any of my herbal recommendations.