Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camp Piankatank

Clint and Brandon just got back from Camp Piankatank. Clint took pictures and I will share those in the coming days. They arrived Friday evening and settled in. Brandon took the top bunk while Clint took the bottom. They had planned to swim, but lightning messed that up for them. Then they had worship time with the entire group.

Saturday, they were fed a great breakfast. They rock climbed. Clint was the fastest of all of the Dad's and impressed all of the men. Brandon was very proud of him! Then they canoed to an island, played basketball, swam several times, played ping pong, ate like kings and fellowshipped with the other fathers and sons. Sunday, they had worship then they went down a zip line, a v-swing, etc. They really enjoyed themselves, got to meet some godly men and their sons, were spiritually fed and hope to go back next year with Joshua and maybe Caleb in tow.

"Father/Son WeekendsThis is an exciting opportunity for boys to experience a fun-filled weekend with their father or an adult male role model. Participants will be able to challenge themselves and participate in friendly competition during field games, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and other adventurous activities. Campers will also be ministered to by a dynamic camp pastor and enjoy meaningful worship services. These are action-packed and spirit-filled weekends for fathers and sons who seek to grow closer to one another and to God."

Amanda and I let the housework go a little bit, cooked pizza, watched movies and enjoyed ourselves with the three littles too. Amanda also made her fudge for all of us to enjoy!