Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Clint the Dragon Slayer

We found a very nice set of dollhouse furniture for Bethany's birthday. Retail would have been over $100. At the thrift store, we got it for $8.95, so I am very thankful God provided for us in this area. Bethany had asked for dollhouse furniture. And, specifically she wanted a doll-sized cat. In the bag of furniture was a cat that is perfect for her dolls! I do not like buying the dollhouse items new since they cost so much for a little bit of plastic.

As we were checking out, this small, timid lady meekly approaches Clint and says "Uh, sir." When he turned around she said while shifting from foot to foot and pointing to the offending beast "Sir, there's a lizard on the clothes. See, a, uh,....lizard!" (What she was REALLY saying was "Kind sir, there is an incredibly vicious looking dragon preventing me from purchasing necessary garments. Could you slay him for me?")

Clint walks over and looks and says "There sure is!" (I am still in line and laughing hard.) Clint tries to catch the tiny, frightened little guy, but the lizard evades him. When Clint gets determined about something, it's going to happen. So, the hunt is on. Clint begins to crawl around on the floor after the lizard.

I hear giggling and turn back again to see my big husband smiling amongst the children who have joined in the chase. Before you know it, we have one blue tailed lizard (skink) in a container I was buying. He was extremely dehydrated, so we brought him home. Brandon has him rehydrating in his lizard terrarium this a.m.