Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hot Doggin'

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The Oldsmobile, a junker Clint and Brandon picked up, still runs and we had a blast hot-doggin' that around our place yesterday evening. Clint came home and caught me doing donuts in the front field with the two oldest in the car. He said he saw a shot of green go streaking across the yard and wondered "What in the world is that?!" Right on the heels of that thought came "Wendy's got ahold of that car!!!!!" When I finished, I told Clint and Brandon they had to take turns. Clint can really swing the backend around. It makes for a thrilling ride! Clint's gonna teach me how to do that. ;-) Brandon did really good! Amanda has absolutely no interest in driving. If you ask her if she wants to drive, she gives you a very definitive "No thank you." She'll hop in and ride in a heartbeat though!