Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Infertility:

I found a lot of comfort in the Scriptures which talk about how God controls the womb. I stopped looking to myself/doctors and started pleading with Him to open my womb. I also came to a place in my faith where I asked that if there would not be any (or any more during the secondary infertility) children that God would change my heart so that I would be content. I felt like I was letting my husband and others down and well, it was just very difficult times.

I also found these links helpful: charts your cycle to help you pinpoint ovulation. One big mistake women (and even doctors) make is that they do not "baby dance" (s*x) until they think they have ovulated. A woman has to baby dance before ovulation. If you wait until the test kits say you have ovulated, it's too late. has many helpful tips with suggested herbs and supplements for both spouses to correct infertility issues.

Here's a book I highly recommend (even though I dislike the title) and why: This book educates a woman as to how her body works and explains why ovulation predictor tests are often used incorrectly. I thought I knew all there was about how the female body worked until I got this book. It is WELL worth the investment.