Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Haircut Gone Wrong! (pict)

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First of all, thank the Lord for giving me a humble, easy going husband!!! Whew!!
Secondly, I wish I could title this "Don't mess with Wendy!" but it really was an accident.
After Clint had lunch with a relative, Clint told us how the relative clips his hair with no guard on the clippers. When I gave our men haircuts yesterday, I asked them "Who wants a "relative" haircut?" They all hid from me. So, I dug out the blade guards that cut the hair at a specified length.
While I was trimming Clint's hair, the clippers got too hot and I had to cut them off and let them cool. I took the guard off to clean the hair out of the blades and teeth. Clint and I got to talking and when I started on his head again, I forgot about the guard. You can see the result.
I was trying to find the words to tell Clint what I had done to his hair. Amanda saw my face and FLEW to get a look. She solved my dilemma by laughing so hard she fell down. Then she called all of the other children over to look and they started rolling. He made me take a picture so he could see what I had done. Then he made me cut the rest of it off..."cause Wendy you can't do any worse than you've already done."