Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Safe Storage Buckets

We have been using the 2-HDPE white buckets from Lowes for years. We called Encore Plastics Corp 1-800-336-2673, who makes these buckets, and asked them if they can be used for long term food storage. They said you need to wash them out, but they meet food storage regulations and are fine to use. We reverified this today by calling them again before we posted this information. Since we buy all of our staples in bulk, using these really helps with storage. Another option was to mail order 2-HDPE buckets that were being sold on the net as "food safe."

You can also reuse buckets that contained food ingredients from local restaurants and bakeries if you can get them. Sometimes you can get these for free or a nominal fee, if you can find a place that wants to get rid of them.