Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dr's Appt

We had a good doctor's appointment...except for the waiting.

The baby is looking good. I am doing better than normal. The doctor is happy with everything I am doing and is pleased that I am not as sick this time around. He said the vomiting may go away altogether this time. I sure hope so!!

Seeing the baby on the ultrasound was so very good for me. I can not tell you how much seeing the baby helps when the days are rough. I am psyched up now!!! :-) Clint said I put my hand on the monitor and he knew in my mind I was cradling our baby. He said he wished he could have had a picture of me like that.

The doctor allowed us to look at the baby on the ultrasound longer than normal because we had to wait so long. They FORGOT about us!!! They were very near to going to lunch and leaving us there!! There was some confusion about which room I needed to go to and the nurse ended up putting me in a room in the back corner where there is not much traffic (or ventilation!!). We waited and waited and waited and waited....and perspired!

We were sweating so bad, Clint opened the door and stood in the hallway with Emily to cool her off. Before that, she was pitiful looking as she reached for the door and made noises begging him to open it and let her out. Poor baby! I had undressed for the pelvic exam, so I was stuck in the hot room. The paper "melted" to my backside from the perspiration, so I got up, found a sheet and put that under me.

Clint (my hero) got tired of waiting and asked someone to check to see what was going on. A nurse came and told us we had to wait on two more patients who were ahead of us. Another nurse checked the times and realized we should have been seen over an hour ago....and then the doctor came rushing in with apologies. I told him I was glad it was just an oversight and not someone having an emergency.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. Tuesday night was really bad and Wednesday was worse. I had asked a few people to pray that I'd get through the appointment without the HG causing me trouble. God blessed me with an easy time of it today.

Afterward the appointment, we were famished from missing our lunch, so Clint took us to Red Lobster. I have leftovers for a meal tonight. It might be enough for two meals, but I think I'll have some help eating it. Caleb LOVES crab legs!!!

I'll post picts of the ultrasound soon.