Saturday, August 09, 2008


Yesterday, we were blessed with a short visit from Susan and Dennis M. We haven't seen Susan in many months so it was good to see her. Thank you Susan and Dennis for the venison roasts and the blankets for Nala.

Clint is not working this weekend either, but plans to work the next few. He was scheduled to work Friday night at his part time job, but had to return unexpectedly to his full time job to handle a problem there.

I have a praise! I have not thrown up in 10 days! I really thought I'd be sick Tuesday or Wednesday, but it passed. I never made it this long with Emily and it is the first time I have made it this far with this pregnancy. The stomach pain is gone too, so I think it finally was able to heal. PTL for His tender mercies!

I am battling allergies though so I am not resting well at night. My immune system is so suppressed during pregnancy that things that normally do not bother me become major hassles. I am spending most of my time in my bedroom where the air is filtered and I have a vaporizer running. I miss going outside. I miss being active. The garden and yard are looking pretty bad too. I plan on moving an exercise bike into my room so I can at least do that to burn off some energy. I miss having a treadmill but do not know where we'd put one now.

Amanda was offered a free week at horseback riding camp. While that is a very generous gift and very flattering for her, I do not think we will let her go. Her sleepwalking creates safety concerns and just being in a new setting can trigger a sleepwalk. She did get a nice compliment from Dee who said Amanda reminds her of herself when she was that age.

Brandon, Amanda and I canned spaghetti sauce from our garden last week. I was very grateful to Brandon for stepping in to finish when I got too tired to complete the last batch. Amanda is enjoying learning how to preserve fresh, organic foods from the garden. Amanda picked corn and pulled up the spent stalks to save for winterfeed. We'll use them for fall decoration too.

I have been enjoying our homeschool "behind the wheel" lessons each week with Brandon. My time with my firstborn is growing shorter each day and I am cherishing the moments. It seems like God sends us something to observe and discuss each outing. This week, we observed a perverted man who was openly lusting over a very young and immodestly dressed young woman. The man's actions were gross, very blatant and disgusted other people too.

Caleb, our leading family entomologist, is happy the praying mantis he released is staying in the flowerbed. He kept it indoors and fed it for about a week or so and watched it grow. It is not afraid of people now. He also released a toad he caught in the same place, so I am not sure how that will work out. Caleb enjoys his discoveries of God's creatures so much he captures the entire family's attention with his enthusiasm. I get a horrified look from him when I suggest he feed a bug to the chickens. :-) Hey, it's free protein!

Joshua and Amanda have been building a large hut out of branches and grass clippings. They have been having a ball together. Joshua is flying through his Switched on Schoolhouse lessons.

Bethany is coming up with some uh, colorful combinations to wear. Amanda or I choose what she wears when she goes out, but around the house, I take a relaxed approach. She is enjoying herself. She's been changing frequently, but she hangs the clothes back up so it's not creating extra work. She's very curious about the pregnancy and still wants for us to have twins even though we know there is only one baby in there.

Emily stole the show at Applebees when I took Brandon there for lunch this week while he was getting behind the wheel time. She was the center of attention and knew it! There were a lot of senior citizens there and many came up to talk to her (ignoring her mother and older brother) or touch her head. I have never seen her quite so full of herself before! She is chasing the kittens around on the deck. A couple of them must like abuse because they let her catch them. The others clearly have more intelligence because they run like the wind.

4 days to the ultrasound!

Psalm 19:8 The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.