Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Clint had a great review at work and a received a very nice raise! PTL for His blessing!

I have been battling a sinus infection since the weekend. I am also at the end of the vomit cycle and the nausea is intensifying every day, especially in the evenings. I keep telling myself that "I am not going to throw up any more this pregnancy." Obviously that's not working well for me since I still end up in front of the toilet! :-)

The new computer is eating up a lot of my time as I am trying to get things set up. Last night, the firewall was acting belligerent and would not let me on the internet. I had e-mail and Magic Jack working just fine though. This morning, the problem had resolved itself on its own. I guess the computer got over its snit.

We purchased a fake grass rug last night for the deck to protect the wood from sun damage and to protect tender little feet from splinters. It was more economical and will last longer than the pricey UV sealant we need to use because of our deck's sun exposure. We hope to one day close that in as a den and put a deck on the back which is where I wanted one. A deck would be more usable in the shade. It is set up now so Emily can play on the whole deck. She'll enjoy the larger area.