Friday, September 12, 2008

Bus Picts and Prayers for yIKEs!

We have several friends who also want a shuttle bus for a family vehicle. Those people and several others have been e-mailing for pictures. I have had a trying day nausea wise, but will get pictures asap. It is that point in late pregnancy where it is normal for HG patients to have it return. It's not too bad. I am managing it well by slowing down, watching what I do and medication once a day. The allergies are no longer an issue, PTL.

Clint is going to have the transmission rebuilt. He was told by a mechanic that the upgrades and improvements they have had since then will make it a more sound vehicle than it was when it rolled off the production line. I'll be driving it without Clint, so we want to make sure it runs great. I drove it a little ways last night and I have to say I like it. It feels just like driving my big white van which sadly, went to the crusher (organ music goes here). I really liked that van.

Inside of the bus was a brand new home gym, about $150-200 in books we can sell on eBay, lots of craft and educational materials for our homeschool and hundreds of dollars in day care and elementary school items. There were also toys the children were excited to find! The person who owned it last was a teacher's husband and when she quit her job, she stored her materials in the back of the bus. Many of the materials are going to charity and/or Freecycle since we can not possibly use them all. It took all evening to go through the stuff in the bus but it was fun!

All I can think when I see Ike is yIKEs!! That is one monster of a storm headed for TX. It makes this gal want to duck and cover and I am no where near the storm. Our prayers are for the safety of life and that God will spare property. We are also praying for our wonderful Coast Guardsmen as they do their challenging job to rescue people as well as the tanker that is without engines. Our Coast Guardsmen do a difficult job and get so little recognition and praise for their efforts.

Anyone read Koenig's book Eye to Eye correlating natural disasters with government decisions against Israel's land? Makes you wonder especially with Crawford being in the storm's path and the news today about splitting Jerusalem down the middle.

It was nice meeting Dave T., a coworker of Clint's, last night.