Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Amanda's Heart

Cody is a more challenging horse for Amanda. He does not obey commands well and she had to learn to use a riding crop on him.It did not come naturally for her to hit him, but she got the hang of it! When I went to pick her up the last day, she was riding and smacking this horse like crazy. I think this will help her in handling Hot Shot who can get a bit of an attitude now and then.
Dee says if she can teach the girls they can handle a 1600 lb mass of muscle with an attitude, handling boys attempting things they shouldn't will not be a problem. I do not think that will be a problem for Amanda. She had one boy's father proudly suggest his son might try something with her because he was known as a Casanova. Amanda said she'd put the punk on the ground if he messed with her...much to her Daddy's delight. :-D The boy was a complete gentleman while he was visiting our home.

Amanda was riding him before she moved to Cody. She is hoping to return to Dee's camp next year as a volunteer.
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