Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hmmm...Ultrasound Picts...Interesting...

ALL of our friends who have had several children say it looks like a BOY to them. Some INSIST it is a boy! When I blew the image up one way, baby does look like a boy. In another program, baby looks like a girl.

Ultrasounds are only 80% accurate. All of our ultrasound tech's guesses over the years have been correct so far. We'll just have to see who pops out. We have a boy's name picked too....Benjamin Coleman. Michelle is my middle name. Coleman is Clint's. We'll buy a going home outfit for both genders and will just wait to bring the clothes down. We'll shop for yellow and green items until then.

Baby is very strong and active. Clint has been able to feel the kicks for two weeks now. Baby does not like it when I change position and kicks me heartily until he/she finds their comfort zone again.

We are getting ready for Hurricane Hanna to blow through our area. Right now, it looks like a lot of rain (which we need) and wind with some minor to moderate flooding. If it is moderate, the road will have water on it but we will probably be able to get in and out OK. The weatherman estimated 10% of the area will lose power. Clint is taking the weekend off so he can handle it if it is worse than they predict. I am just thankful I am not at the end of pregnancy....birthing two hurricane babies is enough for any woman. PTL we do not have hurricanes in January!