Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Help Than He Knew What to Do With

Caleb and Emily helping Clint with a project.
If you want cheerful helpers, you have to start early and teach them helping is fun and a part of family life. If Clint was grumpy and storming around in a bad mood, the children would not like being around him and would learn work was a reason to be angry and complain. You are constantly teaching children, whether you intend to or not, by your example. Clint is a very easy going, good natured person who gets along well with everyone who treats his family right.
Caleb is a big help now that he is older. He helped put in bolts and tighten nuts and read some of the instructions although he obstinately insists he cannot read and does not like doing school work! Caleb LOVES tools and helping with projects. He has the Bailey building gene!
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