Saturday, September 06, 2008

Power is GONE

Coming to you from a Gloucester Courthouse Wi-Fi connection....

The power lines going across our driveway are down completely. A tree fell and took out quite a bit. It looks like the entire length of our long driveway will require replacing before we get power again. We think they will have to replace poles as well. We wish we had seen must have been quite a show!

The only problem we are having is keeping the aquariums going. We nearly lost two of our black finned sharks. Clint is powering the largest aquarium with our car now and then to keep the fish going. It would figure BOTH generators need parts right now.

We did not get as much rain as we hoped, but the winds were not as bad at they predicted either. PTL!

If anyone needs us, call Clint's or my cell.

Love to all & thanks for the prayers we know you lifted up for us.