Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Ultrasound Says.....

The ultrasound tech was a little hesitant in calling this one, but we are 90% sure it is a girl.
Hannah Michelle is the name we are liking the most so far. quiz to see how well you read them

The cake we bought to celebrate was messed up. We had it sent back twice to get it fixed, but after a third round of mistakes, we decided to just go with what we had. We had been out ALL day and were eager to get back home to the children. The cake decorator was a man who just had no clue about what we wanted. The "It's a GIRL!" we requested came back the first time as "Is A Girl." The children made short work of the cake and didn't seem to mind the goof.
I am sorry to everyone who wrote asking about the gender. I was offline after I posted yesterday. Bad day..threw up.
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