Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayer Request: Mark B. Prayer Update on Jim L.

I have posted the Angel Food Ministries information that was requested below this prayer request which has been updated. I want to be sure that those who pray are aware of this need, so I am keeping it on top.

Clint's coworker and friend, Mark B., who is a fellow homeschooling father, has not been feeling well for a while now. Clint was concerned enough to tell him earlier this week he was looking bad. Mark told him he wasn't feeling well. He went to the doctor Wednesday and was admitted to the hospital. They found tumors on his liver, pancreas, kidney, lymph nodes and "something on a blood vessel." Mark is now home. Please keep him, his wife Sheila, and their four children in prayer.

Clint has enough respect for Mark and his work ethic that he helped him get his job with his full time employer. They met at Clint's part time job and hit it off because of their interest in homeschool and love of family.

Please pray for Clint and Mark as they meet tomorrow. I am not personally sure of Mark's spiritual status as I have only heard of him through Clint. I know his wife Sheila through the local homeschool list.

Prayer request update: Jim L. is back to work as of early November. He is looking good, feeling good and says he has made a lot of changes in how he does things. Join us in praising the Lord for restoring this man to health!