Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturday Nght #3

They DID get Brandon down for a little while, but he pushed them off and got away after a few seconds.
I am surprised I was able to get this picture because he rolled over and was out of their grasp fairly quickly.
Bethany joined in some, but she is so little, she gets swallowed up by the commotion.
She was also tired so she sat and watched them and joined in when they needed someone to pile onto Brandon's back.
Notice Amanda took her shoes off. She said she could run better barefoot!

I am having issues with moderate dehydration. It started last week and has taken a toll on my energy level.
I battle it all day and make some progress, but then something happens and I lose ground.
I went back to bed and stayed there yesterday. That might be what I do today if I do not start feeling better soon.
I'll catch up on e-mail when I am feeling more energetic.