Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yesterday, I Turned 40!

Well, Thanksgiving did not turn out like I had hoped. Brandon, Amanda, Clint and I helped each other through the cooking on Wednesday. That turned out OK.

I started Thanksgiving throwing up and ended it throwing up. Thursday night, I had some pretty hard contractions. There weren't any cervical twinges indicating real labor, but I still was wondering what was going on. I figured it out when the baby finally flipped from transverse (lying hip to hip) to head down. As soon as she moved, my body rested and I was grateful. My body was working to get her into a more favorable position. If she even tries to creep her hiney back around to lie transverse, I start having the contractions again. She's facing anterior. We're getting closer to labor day!!

Friday, I was limp as a dishrag from being sick on Thursday. I've found it harder to bounce back in the third trimester but that's probably because the baby needs more now. I spent the first half of my birthday resting in bed and trying to get liquids down. Later, I sat around and watched my gang play and clean up the yard. I enjoyed the warmer weather and sunshine. I also had visits from our cats and dogs who felt since I wasn't up doing anything, I could put myself to use by rubbing their heads. I think the Lord had me stay still on my birthday so I could see my Blessings and enjoy their laughter.

Today, I am feeling a little bit stronger and tried doing some shopping this a.m. I got as far as the middle of the store and knew I had made a mistake. I had to sit down on a stack of water softener salt and wait until my energy returned to walk back to the car. I am not the sharpest tack in the box. I should have known better.

I wanted to go up in a hot air balloon for my 40th birthday. Maybe Clint and I can do that together on his 40th in May.

For me, the best thing about turning 40 is that I am 40 years closer to meeting the One Who loves me most face to face. I hope that whatever age you are Reader, you can say you are XX years closer to meeting your Lord and Savior too.

Enjoy your family this long holiday weekend. It will be over before you know it and you'll be busy with shopping and to do lists. Don't let the opportunity pass you by...shut down the computer and go spend time with someone you love. Love is not words you throw around. It's something you act out. Love is an ACTION verb.