Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Update on Mark

I heard briefly from Sheila. I do not think Mark was able to come home for Thanksgiving. It sounds like he was never released from the hospital. She says he is ready to go home and in good spirits.

They gave him a diuretic for the fluid accumulation, but it worked "too good" and his kidneys stopped working. They took him off the medication and his kidneys have resumed normal function.

At first, they said it was melanoma (which can be internal) but are now calling it carcinoma. They are sending his labs to the Mayo Clinic for more info.

Sheila is going back and forth from the hospital and home to care for their children. Please pray for her strength, endurance and an extra measure of grace as she tries to be there for everyone.

Clint is stopping by the hospital to see him right now. He's in that area for classes this week.

I've been asked where can cards be sent as a way to minister to the family. If you want to send one to:

Clint C. Asbell
c/o Mark B.
P.O. Box 244
Achilles, VA 23001

we will make sure it promptly gets to the family.