Friday, January 16, 2009

The Latest Elevation News

The county coordinator said on Thursday he should receive the drawings from the engineers any time. They were due in this past week. Hopefully he got them today. Clint is going to call next week to see if he got them.

After the coordinator receives them, we enter into a bidding process for 23 days. Once the bids come in they will meet with us, tell us who will be doing the work, give us a 30 day notice to move out and tell us our share of the costs. We will also work out the arrangements for living, power, etc.

The estimate is we will be out of the house for 3-4 months for the entire thing to be finished. If the contractor will work with us, we maybe able to move back in after they set it down and the electric and plumbing is hooked up, before the block work is done. That would be nice. We are well aware construction never goes according to plan.

The long wait we have had may work out in our favor. So many homes were being elevated when we entered this program that contractors were very busy and it caused long delays. The economic slow down may be in our favor too, since contractors who need work will be eager to get the job completed so they can be paid.

We'd appreciate prayers that God will make it clear to us if this is something we should pursue or let go. Once we have the meeting and sign the paperwork, we will be locked into going through with it. We are asking God that if we should not do this, it will become apparent when we sit down with the coordinator and engineers.