Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss Hannah @ 5 Weeks w/ a Baby Tip

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Hannah is a quiet baby who doesn't fuss much at all. When she wants something, she "uh, uh's" a few times. If I get to her within a minute or two, all's well. If it takes me a little longer (potty break, grab a drink), she'll pick up in tempo and loudness. She's nursing good, weighs over 12 lbs now and sleeps great at night. She wakes up to be fed 1-2 times and then goes back to sleep after nursing.
I keep her in the middle of the activities so the noise keeps her from sleeping too deeply during the day which helps get babies on a good night time schedule. At night, we keep the lights and noise down to help her stay on that schedule.
It is normal for babies to calm down easier for their mothers, but that can have fathers feeling a little left out or helpless when baby fusses. Last night, Clint had Hannah snuggled warmly on the couch for about half an hour and they were enjoying themselves. I took her so he could go to the bathroom. She protested the whole time he was gone! My arms were colder and she missed those warm, strong arms of her Daddy's. He took her when he returned and she settled right down again. Oh, Clint LOVED that!