Monday, February 02, 2009


Aleshanee comes from the Coos Indian tribe and means "she plays all the time" which makes it a great name for our energetic new puppy! We have decided to call her "Shanee." She was picked up as a stray and was given the temporary name of "Fonda" at the shelter.

Clint had originally said we would wait until after the elevation to get another dog, but since then we heard from a neighbor who told us he's seen people at the back of our property. We have had trouble in the past with out of season hunters trespassing at all hours. Since Clint works night every once in a while, we both wanted an extra set of ears around. Maybe now Clint will buy me the pump action shotgun I asked him for a couple of years ago. ;-) We had also been praying God would lead us to the right dog since Nala died.

We got Aleshanee from the Peninsula SPCA. She is eight months old, had a rough beginning and has already been spayed. When she was picked up less than a month ago, she weighed only 30 lbs but is now over 48 lbs. There is a debate about whether she is a Rottweiler purebred or a mix, but we don't care. We spent time with her and she had all of the things I was looking for in intelligence and family interaction. The worker at the SPCA told me I had made a very good choice for what we needed in a furry friend.

She is very, very smart. I have already taught her a couple of commands since late Saturday afternoon. She has had one accident in the house so we have her on a housebreaking schedule recommended by a vet.

While she has spent most of her time here romping around outside with the children, "technically" she is my dog. I am hoping that works out like it did with Nala, who was "technically" Clint's dog. Maybe he'll do all of the work involved for Aleshanee. :-D