Monday, February 09, 2009


I have my driver's license again. We ended up sending for my birth certificate three times before we finally got a copy of it. Clint drove me so I wouldn't get a ticket enroute. I drove the shuttle bus home.

The DMV was a mad house. We got there early and there were still 15 people in line ahead of us.
When I went up to take the picture, I really thought about making a face just before she snapped it. She seemed tense, so I figured I'd just ask "Have people ever made funny faces as you took their picture?" She sourly said "Yes, all of the time." I don't think she finds that as amusing as I do. :-) I'd rather have happy people playing around with me than grumpy people complaining! I think she got eyes are half closed and my mouth is half open in my new driver's license photo. :-D


Our dear friend, Teresa, has opened a natural products store in our county. Please see their webpage or drop by their physical address Mama's Country Corner, 4858 George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, VA 23072.