Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gentle Reminders

This was posted as a humorous reminder for Clint. He kept forgetting our agreement that only books (not tools, change, wires, etc) should be put on my office shelves.

I do not always have time to sit at the computer and make a nicer looking note, but I do have time to remind them I love them.

This was Clint's creation after a frustrating computer disaster.
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Do you ever get tired of making your house a home for your family only to have your family destroy your hard work? Do you ever get tired of repeating yourself? Mercy, I sure do!
There are nine people in my home and only one of us seems to really care about managing it so the routine flows smoothly. Honestly, sometimes I think the rest of them are a bunch of pigs crossed with tornadoes! I get tired of reminding (begging, pleading, bribing, threatening) for help in household orderliness. "PLEASE, help ME help YOU!!!!"
Several years ago, when I had only three or four children, I started making my "gentle reminders" and posting them in critical areas. It has really helped remind the children (and sometimes my husband) of my efforts to keep the house looking orderly so we can actually do things other than clean. It also helped the daydreamers in our family stay on task. I have to make new "reminders" now and again and once they seem to have a routine down, I remove it. Sometimes I have to put the one I took down back up, but that's life in any sized family. People are fallible; don't expect perfection but do keep working together towards a goal.

For mischief making toddlers, the signs work well as a reminder not to unroll the toilet paper, use the craft paint to create "stained glass windows", draw on the walls with a permanent magic marker that will bleed through 15 layers of paint, etc. I'd put a >:-<.

I know the signs don't fit in with most decorating, but I'd rather have less work and frustration than a home that looks like it should be featured in a magazine. I also need my sanity. :-)