Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Jam 2009

was awesome according to my gang! Clint, Brandon, Amanda and Joshua called me while they were enroute home with excitement over witnessing 1500+ people make a decision for Christ. They heard some awesome testimonies of fellow Christians and enjoyed the speakers and the music. Clint, as a pastor, was invited backstage to meet the performers, including tobyMac and Brandon Heath, and to receive a special pastor's pack.

Clint found out why no one took him up on the offer for a ride. Our local churches were there with several of their own shuttlebuses!!

One of the testimonies came from a man who was thrown in the garbage as a baby. He was adopted through Holt International and is a strong Christian who not only sponsors children through Holt, but is soon to adopt his own little girl from China!

Brandon and Amanda were really affected by all of the people their age they saw attending a Christian event and moved by how many responded to Christ. None of their local friends really seem to care about God much so this did their hearts good.

Joshua was just called a Jesus freak by a "friend" in a not so nice way recently. In fact, Joshua stood firm in his witness while more than one person was making fun of his love for the Lord. Having never heard the song, he was really pumped up when he heard tobyMac sing "Jesus Freak." "Hey Mom! That's what those kids were calling me!!"
You can add one bump on forehead to the list of injuries I treated over the weekend. Emily took a dive off the couch and landed forehead first. Caleb was quick with the ice and Bethany held Hannah while I held the pack on Emily's noggin.