Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wise Advice on Modesty

I was asked to join a group on Facebook called Moms for Modesty. After I did, I spent a few minutes reading comments from other members and thought the following advice was worthy of sharing. Valerie was kind enough to let me use her words here.

"I'm the mom of eight daughters and three sons. When my first daughter was a baby, a good friend suggested that I look ahead to her future. "When she is sixteen, how do you want her to dress and behave? Think about it, and head in that direction now. If, when she is sixteen, you don't want her to be walking around in a bikini and flaunting it all, then don't put her in a bikini when she's two and tell her how cute she is. Direct her path where you want her to go when she is young." I thought that was wise counsel then, and I appreciate it even more now." -Valerie Jacobsen