Monday, March 16, 2009

Itchin' for Spring

I am longing for warm and sunny days. We have been flooded with rain for the last week. There are now ponds in the front yard and all of a sudden, I want to go muddin' in a big ole 4 wheel drive. If you got a truck that can handle it, come and get me!!

There are many things I enjoy about this time of year. I love watching the drab brown yard turn that beautiful spring green. The flowers, baby animals, return of the birds and outdoor activities make it special. Every spring, the swallows fly in circles around my head as I hang out clothes on the line. This is their yearly greeting to let me know they are back home and ready to build new nests in the big horse barn. They started doing this after Clint and I killed a black snake that ate their babies in their nest. I also can't wait to hear the children's laughter coming through the open windows. What a precious sound!

We have a special friend in "high places" we look forward to seeing too. A pilot will wiggle the wing of his private airplane at us when we wave. He's been flying over us almost daily for 14 years this spring. He came by the house one time when he was looking at the land beside ours and told me he's a country music songwriter which is how he has the money to fly so often. I wish I had remembered his name now, but what impressed me wasn't what he did or who he knew. He was such a down to earth, easy going, friendly gentleman. I look forward to working outside just so I can see him enjoying the view of the river.

My dear fuzzy friend is gone, but I have a new one who needs to learn how to play tag with the family.

Hurry spring! This dreary weather is hard on an outdoor lovin' country gal.