Monday, March 09, 2009

When I Am On Bedrest

during a pregnancy, it is very hard for me. I can't do anything I want to do. I can't bathe my little ones or cook for my family. I can't go places or see people. I can't play, sing, dance, exercise, etc. The house gets dirty. I mean filthy. I can't stand a dirty house. Imagine leaving your home to six children who are home all day!

So, here I am again, trying to catch up on things that need me NOW! It's hard. I am struggling to get it all done as soon as I can and still be Mom, Honey, cook, etc. I want to do it and get it behind me. I am going to have to settle for "sooner or later" because it isn't going to get done quick. There's too much of it and too little of me.

I need to get back into the habit of spending time alone with God. That's also hard to do because Hannah is still waking me up a lot at night so my days are still "newborn crazy." I know from experience that when that one thing is in place, the rest of my day, my life falls into place better. So I've got to make that time starting today. I won't worry so much. I won't feel so stressed. I won't mind the overwhelming to do list because I will be reminded daily that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me for this race I am running.

I do think motherhood is a race. We are racing against time to impart wisdom, knowledge and character into our precious blessings. Some days it seems more like a bumper car ride where you run into everything between you and your goal though. :-)