Thursday, April 09, 2009


to the home elevation.

In February, we were told the process for the home elevation grant we received was held up because the government was backing out of something they said they would do. The county entered into an arbitration and we were told until that was resolved, nothing would continue forward.

Today, a contractor came to the house to do an estimate. I imagine this means our job is now taking bids and we will see more contractors pop up unexpectedly. I told him if they had called to let me know they were coming, we would have had the gate open to save him the walk. The contractor told me all he has is our address. They do not give them phone numbers or names. The county representative told us no one would be coming up here without calling first. That's gub'mint for ya!

I can't remember how long the bidding process is open, but it's no more than 2 months. Then they give us 21 days to move our things out of the house. So, it is looking like hot summertime for the elevation. Yuck!

Pray for us to know what God wants us to do here. I dread it. I expect them to take forever to get it finished with tons of "issues" that we will have to work around. I'll be on site and have to deal with the men and issues that arise myself. I know my attitude isn't very good on this, but I have seen gub'mint in action up close and personal the last 6 years. I am not impressed and am appealing to a Higher Authority to make this road easy, if He has us go down it at all.