Friday, April 03, 2009

April Fool's Day is Dangerous

in this house. Clint had this lovely sign posted on his back by one of our teens as soon as he walked through the door! If you do not like to play and laugh, you had better not come visit us.

Yesterday evening, three more of our children decided to give track a try. Everyone who is eligible age wise is signed up now: Brandon, Amanda, Joshua, Caleb and Bethany. The coach is happy to see us coming since we bring half of the team and a cheer squad with us! Coach Perrin does this for free out of his own time. He is a Christian and prays with the children at the end of every track practice. He has a tremendous amount of patience and exhibited gentleness with Bethany (5), who is the youngest and smallest person on the track team. She is much slower than everyone else, but she ran the entire way with her beautiful long hair flowing out behind her. I was moved by how much heart she put into it.

Clint and I walk around the outside track with Emily and Hannah while the 1 1/2 hour track lessons are going on. Emily saw a rabbit yesterday and said "bunny" for the first time. She had a hard time seeing them while they were still, but once they moved, she was talking to them.

Hannah slept 10-6:30 a.m. for the first time last night. I was up at her normal nursing times checking on her, but I have the wonderful hope of better rest in the near future.
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