Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First the Goats, Now the Dog AARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!

I know some of you come here just for the farm stories. Last year, I shared how I switched from using real plants in some of the planters to silk plants because the goats kept getting out and eating the plants which was costing me a small fortune. That worked pretty good. They'd get mad and pull the plants out and take them halfway across the yard to get back at me, but I was saving money.

Since they escaped over the weekend and made a beeline to the strawberry plants (pictured in the pots) recently, I figured I'd put silk flowers in the hanging baskets on our deck and save myself some more trouble. No one can tell my secret unless they get right up on the flowers.

Well, the children left Shannee locked on the deck this a.m. so she stuck her head through the slats and got into the silk flowers and had herself a good time! She didn't even bother to look guilty when I walked out and saw what she had done. I think she likes her way better!! Caleb said he would put them back together for me and I think we can salvage most of them.
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