Wednesday, April 22, 2009


...sitting in your home and looking up and seeing 8 men looking in your window! That really freaked the children and me out today.

I have had some run ins with elements who do not appreciate the fact that we own this farm. It angers them off even more that we will not let them hunt here whenever and however (out of season) they want. It's one of the reasons we have the gate on the driveway. It helps stop some of that nonsense. I've been cussed and threatened because I will not let them run over me and do as they please on my place. They like to show up when Clint isn't home because they think a woman will let them do what they want. I admit it took me a few run ins to realize Nice Wendy doesn't work. Mama Bear Wendy talks to them now.

So, sometimes when I suspect trouble heading my way, I grab the gun. This time, I grabbed the phone, called Clint and kept it on so he could hear what was going on. I told them they are lucky I didn't grab the gun and point it in their direction until I found out if they were friend or foe. The country boy in the group said "I TOLD ya'll!" At least one of them has common sense not to come up on people's houses like that. He still went along with them though.

I was told the bidding is due in by 5/7. If you've been following this for any length of time, you know that will likely change...again. After they decide who they are going with, we will sit down and make a decision then.

Pray for us to clearly hear God's will on this and know what to do. Friends we trust have counselled us both ways. If we don't do it and another storm comes through, we'll feel stupid. If we do it, I predict a lot of aggravation. And, guess who is home all day to deal with it?!