Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a fantastic Mother's Day with one exception.*
Saturday, I gave myself permission to just sit around and enjoy my family.
I really enjoyed the "down time."
I danced with Hannah and then she fell asleep on my chest.
I was happy to leave her right there too!
Clint treated me like a queen with roses, a sweet card. He bought a garden sculpture I've wanted for a few months now.
He asked me if I wanted to go out to eat with just him alone or with the entire family. We are going to take the children out to eat this week. Yesterday was too busy to work it in. My children spoiled me with gifts they made. Clint and I caught a movie last night. That was the longest I have sat in one place uninterrupted in years. Since the crab shack was out of blue crab, he is going to pick me some up today. :-) Caleb, Bethany and I are the only ones into seafood, which is kind of a good deal. There is more for us!! :-)

Amanda surprised me with a bouquet of flowers she made.
They were so real looking that I wondered how she had left the house to buy me flowers!!
They fooled Clint too!
She made them from tissue paper and lightly sprayed them with perfume.

*The exception is that Hannah was crying inconsolably, not opening her eyes and was light sensitive for about 6 hours. My first thoughts were meningitis due to friends losing babies to it, but she didn't have a fever or other symptoms. After we prayed for her, God put the idea in my head to put eye drops in one eye. We did and discovered she had scratched her cornea. PTL it was nothing more serious! She's been learning how to get those stubborn hands to work and has been hitting herself in the face once in a while, so I think she jabbed herself a little too hard. She's still "winking" at us, but it's improving quickly.

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