Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brandon is 17 and I told him he could decide if he wanted the cut stitched or not. I told him the pros and cons of either way. He said leave it alone and see.
We told the children we were taking them out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate our freedom from Hurricane Isabel. Clint and I have decided we do not want to do the elevation. We just feel God leading us in another direction and it feels wonderful to have closed that chapter in our lives.
On the way to the restaurant, I look back and Brandon has blood running down his face big time. The cut had reopened. I stopped in Dollar General looking for cayenne (coagulant, antiseptic, anesthetic-very good to have on hand in an emergency-stops bleeding fast). They were sold out. He was able to stop it again himself with direct pressure, so we went ahead out to eat.
We had a nice time, but I kept expecting Brandon to start bleeding again and wondered how that would go over with the waitress.
We came home, shaved him bald and closed up the cut. I think all Brandon learned yesterday was not to run in the house....again. It seems to be a boy thing! :-) I wonder how long it will take before he's back at running through the dining room, grabbing the top of the door frame and swinging over the baby gate again.
You can see he is SOOOO torn up about having losing his hair!

We had a little fun with it.

It's a small gash, but it kept "springing a leak."

He has a nice head. He says he's a lot cooler now! LOL
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