Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joshua on the Guitar Praise

We wanted something with Christian lyrics for our children and Guitar Praise fit the bill!

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000587: Guitar Praise: Solid Rock on CD-ROMGuitar Praise: Solid Rock on CD-ROM

From the creators of the hit game Dance Praise comes Guitar Praise! You can grab the guitar and play along with some of Christian music's top bands. Pretend you're right there on stage with your favorite bands as you handle the guitar controller and play the notes they're playing. Or you can add your own unique sounds as you shred those riffs or blast the bass by using the whammy bar. Watch out, though--if you can't keep up, the artists stop and take a break, and you'll have to start all over!

You'll get a USB Guitar controller (requires 4 AA batteries that are not included), the CD-ROM Game, wireless adaptor, and guitar strap. To play, press the fret buttons and strum on the strum bar in time the color-coded cues as they scroll across the screen. If you tilt the guitar at the right time, you'll activate spinner bonuses for maximum points. There are 4 different levels, so beginners can start slowly, while experts will have their fingers flying as they use all 5 fret buttons while playing the chords and burning through the riffs!

Guitar Praise supports 2 guitar controllers so you can play alone or with a friend. Each player can play the same track, or one player can play lead and the other play bass. You can even send surprises to your opponent to mess with their playing. Keep score and earn enough points to get a new guitar with richer sounds and different effects. Best of all, this game has over 50 songs from some of today's top Christian artists like 12 Stones, tobyMac, Stellar Kart, Skillet, David Crowder, Hawk Nelson, Superchick, Caedmon's Call, Lincoln Brewster, Relienk K, Whitecross, and many more. The lyrics also display on the screen so that you and your audience can sing along as you play. Recommended for all ages.

Note: item ships in manufacturer's packaging.

00631X: Guitar Praise: Expansion Pack 1Guitar Praise: Expansion Pack 1

Looking for more music for the game you love? Don't fret! In this blockbuster compilation, you get 25 top-of-the-chart hits from your favorite Christian artists. Praise the Lord as you strum along to tunes from tobyMac, Stryper, the Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Sanctus Real, Lincoln Brewster, Steven Curtis Chapman, and more. Windows XP/Vista or Macintosh 10.3.