Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Son Caleb

Caleb was my rocket baby. He came in 20 minutes start to finish.
I did not know I was in real labor until I walked up the stairs and felt him drop hard.
I told Clint to put his hand between my legs to support the baby's head because I was worried he'd fall out as I went up the stairs.
I laid down on the bed and asked Clint to see what he could see. He backed up three steps, pointed at me and said "Whoa, you are WAAAY dilated!" After that, Clint was all business and so was Caleb. Goodness, that one HURT, but at least it was over with quick!
Caleb came out with white blonde hair and blue eyes. I knew he got that from the Bailey's.
Caleb has my gift with animals, loves gardening, can build like it was inherited and loves seafood. He draws me pictures every day that say "I love you Mom." He will be 8 in June.
We took him out to a local restaurant for crab last week on his night out with us and he ate his fill. This is him sitting back and sighing after his meal.
I wish I could take him and Amanda fishing and crabbing, but I can't figure out how to do it safely with a nursing baby and a toddler!
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Soap Again

I have put my soap in a local store and have offers to place it in more.
I apologize to the many people who have requested to purchase it lately.
I am not selling it online currently.
After I fill the orders I have, I'll consider selling it online again.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


...sitting in your home and looking up and seeing 8 men looking in your window! That really freaked the children and me out today.

I have had some run ins with elements who do not appreciate the fact that we own this farm. It angers them off even more that we will not let them hunt here whenever and however (out of season) they want. It's one of the reasons we have the gate on the driveway. It helps stop some of that nonsense. I've been cussed and threatened because I will not let them run over me and do as they please on my place. They like to show up when Clint isn't home because they think a woman will let them do what they want. I admit it took me a few run ins to realize Nice Wendy doesn't work. Mama Bear Wendy talks to them now.

So, sometimes when I suspect trouble heading my way, I grab the gun. This time, I grabbed the phone, called Clint and kept it on so he could hear what was going on. I told them they are lucky I didn't grab the gun and point it in their direction until I found out if they were friend or foe. The country boy in the group said "I TOLD ya'll!" At least one of them has common sense not to come up on people's houses like that. He still went along with them though.

I was told the bidding is due in by 5/7. If you've been following this for any length of time, you know that will likely change...again. After they decide who they are going with, we will sit down and make a decision then.

Pray for us to clearly hear God's will on this and know what to do. Friends we trust have counselled us both ways. If we don't do it and another storm comes through, we'll feel stupid. If we do it, I predict a lot of aggravation. And, guess who is home all day to deal with it?!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Auto Shop Homeschool Style

Clint is teaching the boys as he works on our car.

Homeschool isn't something you do at a scheduled time of the day and then put down while you do something else.
It's an attitude of joyful learning that affects your entire life.
It's realizing that learning is not a task, but a gift.

Brandon successfully installed the waterpump on his own.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

I Am Just Thankful She Told Me

I woke up this morning remembering the day years ago when I came in from working outside and poured myself a much wanted glass of water. Amanda was passing by and said "I wouldn't drink that if I were you."

"Why not?"

"Because Joshua & Caleb just put three tadpoles in the water jug."

Oh the adventure of having two little boys very close in age!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prayer Request

Clint's cousin's husband George is in the ER. At home, the river is rising causing all sorts of problems for them. George and Wendy have guardianship over Hannah, a little girl who needs them very much. Hannah lost her dad, mom and then grandmother. She needs George and Wendy. Please ask God to restore George to health and to give them both stamina and energy to care for her. These are very loving, generous people who have been a tremendous blessing in this little girl's life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First the Goats, Now the Dog AARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!

I know some of you come here just for the farm stories. Last year, I shared how I switched from using real plants in some of the planters to silk plants because the goats kept getting out and eating the plants which was costing me a small fortune. That worked pretty good. They'd get mad and pull the plants out and take them halfway across the yard to get back at me, but I was saving money.

Since they escaped over the weekend and made a beeline to the strawberry plants (pictured in the pots) recently, I figured I'd put silk flowers in the hanging baskets on our deck and save myself some more trouble. No one can tell my secret unless they get right up on the flowers.

Well, the children left Shannee locked on the deck this a.m. so she stuck her head through the slats and got into the silk flowers and had herself a good time! She didn't even bother to look guilty when I walked out and saw what she had done. I think she likes her way better!! Caleb said he would put them back together for me and I think we can salvage most of them.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Augustina Boadiwaa is 35 years old; she is single and a very staunch Christian. She lives at Nkawkaw in the eastern region of Ghana with her family. She lives with her extended family in the community. She is a trader who trades in cola nuts. Cola nuts are mostly used by the northerners in Ghana. Most people chew them for the flavor. She treks to the villages to buy bulk supplies of cola nuts and retails them to her customers. Cola nuts have a big market share in Ghana and have created lots of opportunity for Ghana women. She is requesting the loan amount to buy cola nuts, especially their season is approaching. Augustina belongs to a village bank called ‘Anigye’ which means ‘Happiness’."

Augustina only hads 29 more days to raise money for her business. She needs $500 more.

Friday, April 10, 2009

We get a picture of all of the children in or on or around!! the cradle before we put it up after each baby is finished using it.
We have so many blessings now that you can't even see the cradle!
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Close Up

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She really fills out her going home outfit now!

Hannah in Cradle and Going Home Outfit

This is the cradle my paternal grandfather made for me when I found out I was carrying Brandon.
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Thursday, April 09, 2009


to the home elevation.

In February, we were told the process for the home elevation grant we received was held up because the government was backing out of something they said they would do. The county entered into an arbitration and we were told until that was resolved, nothing would continue forward.

Today, a contractor came to the house to do an estimate. I imagine this means our job is now taking bids and we will see more contractors pop up unexpectedly. I told him if they had called to let me know they were coming, we would have had the gate open to save him the walk. The contractor told me all he has is our address. They do not give them phone numbers or names. The county representative told us no one would be coming up here without calling first. That's gub'mint for ya!

I can't remember how long the bidding process is open, but it's no more than 2 months. Then they give us 21 days to move our things out of the house. So, it is looking like hot summertime for the elevation. Yuck!

Pray for us to know what God wants us to do here. I dread it. I expect them to take forever to get it finished with tons of "issues" that we will have to work around. I'll be on site and have to deal with the men and issues that arise myself. I know my attitude isn't very good on this, but I have seen gub'mint in action up close and personal the last 6 years. I am not impressed and am appealing to a Higher Authority to make this road easy, if He has us go down it at all.

Friday, April 03, 2009


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April Fool's Day is Dangerous

in this house. Clint had this lovely sign posted on his back by one of our teens as soon as he walked through the door! If you do not like to play and laugh, you had better not come visit us.

Yesterday evening, three more of our children decided to give track a try. Everyone who is eligible age wise is signed up now: Brandon, Amanda, Joshua, Caleb and Bethany. The coach is happy to see us coming since we bring half of the team and a cheer squad with us! Coach Perrin does this for free out of his own time. He is a Christian and prays with the children at the end of every track practice. He has a tremendous amount of patience and exhibited gentleness with Bethany (5), who is the youngest and smallest person on the track team. She is much slower than everyone else, but she ran the entire way with her beautiful long hair flowing out behind her. I was moved by how much heart she put into it.

Clint and I walk around the outside track with Emily and Hannah while the 1 1/2 hour track lessons are going on. Emily saw a rabbit yesterday and said "bunny" for the first time. She had a hard time seeing them while they were still, but once they moved, she was talking to them.

Hannah slept 10-6:30 a.m. for the first time last night. I was up at her normal nursing times checking on her, but I have the wonderful hope of better rest in the near future.
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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Joshua and Caleb took a lesson in track with two of the public school coaches.
They were two of the few children who did not need to slow to a walk during the run three times around the field.
The boys really enjoyed it and it helped burn off extra energy.
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Outdoor Fireplace

Clint and I have been enjoying evenings on the deck.
I grill my famous chicken and vegetables while he gets the dishes and outdoor fireplace ready.
Sometimes we manage a little alone time. Most often, we are joined in by children who want to roast a marshmallow have some time with Mom and Dad.

We are eager to have our first bonfire and outdoor campfire cookout of the season.
It's been too wet so far, but time will be right soon!

Please keep Luke in your prayers for his health. His mom, Christy, is his caregiver around the clock and she needs prayers for strength and endurance. The family is saving for a van that will work better for their needs too.
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