Monday, January 25, 2010

Indoor "Sand" Box

To make an indoor "sand box" to entertain little ones, buy a bus box and fill it with rice.
I've tried the short sided plastic containers with lids, but they do not hold up to the children putting their weight on them. The sides end up cracking. Bus boxes are made with commercial grade plastic to handle heavy loads and lots of slamming, so they hold up well. When the children outgrow the "sand box," I will still have a sturdy container to use for something else.
I prefer using rice in the box over beans because beans are a choking hazard for small children. Add measuring cups, raid your outside sand box, or fill with clearance priced beach toys. I used the girl's toy dishes.
If you put down a clean sheet or blanket, it makes clean up very easy. Just pick up the toys and then gather the edges so you can slide the rice into the box.
You can find the bus boxes a bit cheaper at your local Sams Club.

Emily and Hannah love their rice box and it allows me time to read with Caleb (camo shoes in top picture).
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