Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inexpensive School Supplies

I use to make most of my own school things like flashcards, posters, tapes, etc. With five students of different levels and two babies, I do not have that kind of time any more.
Last night, I stopped in Dollar Tree and found many school supplies that are not usually on the shelves.
For many of these, I would have to visit a teacher's supply store where the prices are much higher.
I could not fit everything I purchased into the picture, but I found over 40 items I can use over the next year with my children.
Most of them are nonconsummable so I will get my money's worth out of them and hopefully be able to pass them along to another family one day.
If you need homeschool supplies, it is a good time to check the dollar priced stores.
Update: I checked two other Dollar Tree's in my area. At each store, I found items not carried by the others.
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