Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Prayer Please

While I was nursing Hannah, Emily climbed over the baby gate, snuck upstairs, climbed the toilet and got into the child lock on the medicine cabinet. She opened a bottle of aspirin. She says she didn't take any. There are less than 10 pills unaccounted for and Clint and I are pretty certain we took those. I feel 98% certain she didn't take any. Because aspirin toxicity is so serious, we called poison control and she is going to the hospital for observation. Clint is going to take her while I care for Hannah. Please keep Em and our family in your prayers.

UPDATE: Emily's blood results showed no aspirin. PTL! The doctor, nurses and an EMT agreed with our line of thinking that she probably did not ingest any, but it was better to be safe than sorry in this kind of situation. The doctor said her age group is very determined to get into things and had some hair raising stories to tell of determined preschoolers! The ability to thwart child safety measures is quite common among her peers. We are going to buy or construct a better "child proof lock" for the medicine cabinet because the Safety First one we have isn't cutting it.

Thank you for your prayers!!