Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anniversary Surprise

On Tuesday, Clint and I celebrated 22 years of marriage and 25 years since we started dating!
For most of our anniversaries, I have been expecting or nursing a baby and not able to do much. This year, Clint surprised me with a fairy tale like day!

First, I was able to sleep late!
Then, he came walking into the room!
I thought he had lost his job!! He was smiling though, so I knew that wasn't right!
As he handed me gifts, he told me he had the entire day planned out and to get my shower so we could go!

My gifts were: roses, a beautiful card where he wrote the sentiment, a figurine for my collection, Lady Godiva chocolates and a mystery novel.

Then he took me to breakfast!

After that, we spent time touring the ruins and learning the history of Rosewell, something I have always wanted to do.

Then we spent some time alone on a private beach.

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