Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another Load of "Barn" Goes Down the Road

$151 of light iron
Funny, I remember paying quite a bit more for it than that. :-)

We started hauling loads out of here last Wednesday. The insurance agent and the fire investigator cleared us to do it because of the livestock. We had to go through the pile anyway to trigger memories and get pictures to document our possessions. We didn't think it was good for our children to have to stare at the pile day after day. We also wanted the barn debris to be recycled into something useful and not fill up a landfill. We told the teens they could have the money for the metal. They have made nearly $1,000 on 6 loads with a few more to go. There is also a very large pile of copper and aluminum that will fetch them quite a bit.

We let the five oldest children help pick through the ashes after it had cooled enough. For the middle children, it turned something traumatic into something exciting! They enjoyed making "finds." Everything Caleb pulled up was his favorite this or that!

Amanda looked on the internet to see what temperatures are required to burn different things. We found melted aluminum, copper and glass, including aquarium glass. Clint's 18' extension ladder was just globs of aluminum rained down from where it hung in the rafters. The smaller ladders melted into large puddles.

We knew the insurance company would pay to have it cleaned up, but we were surprise to learn the little bit of work we have done was worth $3500. We are going to give Brandon and Amanda $500 to thank them for their help since they are going to do the last few loads alone. We'll have to hire a bobcat to scoop up the ashes laden with nails, screws, etc, but we'll have some left over for the savings account.

Someone's stupid actions put my children in very real danger of losing their lives. I've really struggled with anger, but by God's grace, I am letting it go and leaving it to Him. I can feel Him continuously working on my heart.

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