Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living with Coyotes in Gloucester, VA

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If we follow some basic guidelines we can live with coyotes and minimize problems.

Supervise small children when they are outside.
Consider making your dog or cat an indoor pet if you live in an area that is occupied by coyotes.
Accompany your dog in well-lighted areas at night for comfort walks.
Keep your dog on a leash whenever you take him/her off your own property.
Keep yard clear of overgrown brush to discourage rodents
Improve yard fencing to coyote resistant standards.
Pick fruit when it ripens, and don't leave rotting fruit on the ground.
Eliminate ivy and other thick ground covers, which may attract rats, which can attract coyotes.
Use a tightly secured garbage container
Clean spilled birdseed, fruits and vegetables in gardens

Never feed coyotes or any wild animals.
Don't leave pet food outdoors, especially at night.
Don't allow pets to roam from home unaccompanied.
Don't leave water bowls for pets outdoors.
Don't leave garbage containers open.
Don't attempt to contact or "tame" coyotes