Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Richard L. Ingram

Richard was a friend of Clint's. They worked together at Siemen's Automotive. I had met him when we'd run into him in stores and other places. Normally, I would not discuss this here, but there are some ugly, ugly rumors going around that are quite upsetting to those who knew and cared for Richard. I have been helping with relief efforts and have gone door to door seeing what people needed. I heard many of the rumors myself and found them very disturbing. I have spoken to Richard's neighbors including a retired policeman who was on the scene right after the tornado. This man lived behind Richard and was there immediately. I also spoke to some members of his family. Richard was outside, lying face down and had a head wound that indicated he died immediately. There was no suffering. The other stories about how he died are just that....stories. There is no truth in them. His family members are already struggling with what happened. Seeing the destruction at his house was bad enough. They do not need wild rumors of gross exaggeration. 

For those looking to steal copper out of the houses that were hit hard, remember the Coke residents are watching you....through the scope of their rifles. I know; I've spoken to them. They are red hot mad about the looting of their neighbor's homes. They are waiting for you to come back.