Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Around Here

December has just been a blur. We had so much happen and so much to do.

Christmas was different this year for Clint and I. It was a time of reflecting on everything that has happened this year and God's presence and goodness through it all. It has not been an easy year, but we have survived it with our faith and marriage stronger than ever. God is good!

Clint and I decided to order the Christmas presents online rather than battle the traffic, crowds and long checkout lines. It worked out! We found everything online, and it all arrived in time!! By combining orders and using coupon codes, we were able to spend less on shipping than we would have in gas. Clint has told me he wants to shop online every year from now on.

As we read over their Christmas wish lists, it became very evident our middle children are growing up. Joshua and Caleb asked for night vision goggles, rifles, bows and arrows, a catapult, spy pens, Army medic bags, etc. Bethany asked for sing-a-longs, play make up, a collectible miniature doll, and a yo yo with trick book. Gone are the Matchbox cars, superheroes, baby dolls, and tea sets.

Emily surprised us with a request for a set of play tools so she can "work beside Dad." Brandon looked at me and said "Well, you know she has the Bailey builder gene!" Clint did not hesitate to provide her with her own set of tools so she can be his buddy on around household projects. Hannah is enjoying the play tools too! And, Caleb tortured Hello Kitty (see picture below) with them.

For all of the children, Clint purchased and is installing a zip line. If they like it enough, he will install a longer one. It would be very pleasant to go from one end of our property to the other on a zip line! I am not going to be able to use it until my shoulder is healed, but one day, I'll be zipping along, laughing like crazy and hoping to not fall on my big rear!