Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have been telling people for a while about the bedroom makeover, but have neglected to put up any pictures. The goal was to make the bedroom look like a romantic beach cottage. I didn't want it screaming "BEACH," but to have the subtle hints of it here and there.

I tried to pull in elements from our times at the beach: shells, lighthouses, bottles, etc. We went with white furniture and added two white wall cabinets (that still need crown molding). I found a comforter set I liked and curtains to match from Walmart.

The headboard is made of a set of very old shutters found and purchased from our neighborhood's old firehouse. The shelf over the bed holds romantic statues with other favorite thrift store "finds." There is still a bit more to finish, but it is mostly done.

I knew I had met my goal when one of the children walked in and said "It feels like we are back at the beach!"Clint loves the room. It is not overly feminine and includes elements he likes. He has complimented me on how it has come together time and time again.

Of course, as soon as I make the bed, there is at least one child on it! :-)