Sunday, December 18, 2011

God's Provision

Insurance is not meant to replace everything you lost. It is meant to greatly reduce the financial blow due to the natural disaster. Clint and I were able to buy most of the things we needed with the home owner's insurance, but there were still many things that did not get purchased.

There is also the challenge of making the claim list. It has to be done within a certain time frame while many other things need your immediate attention. We did the best we could to write down everything we had lost, but dozens of items were left off of the list simply because we did not think of them in time to add them. We think of something else that was forgotten nearly every week. Many people with fire losses tell us this goes on for years!

One of the things we lost and have not been able to replace was our sporting goods for the children. We have been keeping an eye out for used items on Freecycle and thrift stores, but had not come across any. We went to Walmart this weekend to look at prices of new equipment, and were disheartened to see how expensive it was.

This afternoon, Clint and I stopped in a new thrift store on 17 in York County and found several bats, 10 baseballs, a softball, 5 gloves, a sports equipment bag, 2 frisbees, and a soccer ball. We got everything for less than $20. God provides!