Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The New Wood Stove

As many of you know, we lost both of our wood stoves in the barn fire last February. Due to the stressful time we were going through, we had not reinstalled ours that winter. It was stored in the barn. When the second story collapsed in the fire, it crushed the wood stove. The fire was also so hot, the cast iron cracked in some places.

This is the wood stove we replaced our house wood stove with. I was asked earlier in the season how we liked it and did not comment much because we had not used it then. Our unseasonably warm winter has not allowed us to really try it out, but what we see of it, we like. It really puts out the heat to warm our entire home. We use pedestal fans to push the heat into other rooms. At night, Clint cuts the damper back and that keeps the wood burning all night. He has coals in the morning that make getting a fire going very easy. It is capable of putting out 65,000 BTU and is rated to heat a 2,000 square foot home.

I have not tried cooking on this one like I did the other one, but may give it a whirl soon.